Of course! It is our speciality!
Do not tolerate a store that is running sub-optimally, that is missing features, has bugs, or does not operate the way you envision. is Our techs are an experienced highly skilled team of Magento specialists who are certified and highly skilled in Magento, TYPO3 and WooCommece platforms. We have experience in web development, native mobile/app development, performance optimization, third-party extensions customization and bespoke software development.

Features / Benefits - Have a unique need? Contact us!

  • Add Features to Your Store
    Many store owners want to tweak their stores in a unique way that a pre-made extension cannot accomplish. If you have a unique need, then don't accept an inferior, generic solution and let us build exactly what you want.
  • Squash Bugs and Reduce Notices and Warnings
    Many stores have bugs caused by 3rd party extensions. We can squash those bugs along with all the system notice / warnings that pollute the Magento logs.
  • Resolve Extension Conflicts
    It is always stressful installing a new extension only to find it conflicts with an existing extension. If you have installed an extension and there is a conflict, then we can debug and fix the issue for you.
  • Anything Else You Need
    We are very flexible and provide other services that might need. For example, if you need backups, Magento upgrades, or general consultation, then we can perform this service for you. Please note our hours are Week Day Germany, CET (Timezone: Europe/Berlin)