Every extension has unique installation instructions. The instructions come with your extension package. You can also find more information at the Extendware User Guide page.

Steps To Download Your Software

  1. Login to your account at Extendware
  2. In the left column of your account area, please click Software Downloads.
  3. Click Add Magento Store in the top right to add installation. Installation refers to your production installation of Magento
  4. Click on your newly added installation and then click on Add Software to Installation.
  5. Click on each added software and then click Download.

Did you order Professional Installation services?
If you have not already contacted support or support has not contacted you, then please contact us and provide us with your SSH / cPanel (or other control panel if applicable) / Magento login information. If you have not ordered installation, but would like to you can go here and order installation.

If you do not want to install your extensions, we will gladly complete this service for you. To order installation services, please visit "Magento Extension Installation" and purchase the installation service.

We will follow up with a request for your store and host credentials so we can install and configure your extensions for you.