There are two ways to attach our more advanced addon packages to your account.

Currently we have addons for Full Page Cache and Cache Warmer.

At Checkout

If you are purchasing them at checkout, just tick the checkbox in the lower left hand corner. 

After Previous Purchase

Navigate to My Software / Software Downloads / {Your Store Name} to the list of your extensions. Click on the extension (like Full Page Cache or Cache Warmer), and you will see the below screen. Click on "Purchase" to order individual upgrades for your store.

Enabling Addon After Purchase

After purchasing the addon you will want to wait about 30 minutes and then look at the software information page. The addon should have an "Enabled" state. If it does, then you can re-download the software and install it to your site. Alternatively, you can follow these instructions for updating your existing installation with the addon:

  1. In your store backend go to Extendware -> Manage Extensions -> Overview
  2. Find the software in the list of software installed and click it.
  3. Click Update Licenses and Serials
  4. If you are using system compilation, then re-run compilation
  5. Go to the software configuration page and save the configuration at least one time.

Additional Instructions on this topic can also be found at the Product page "How to Purchase Addons".

Need Help Customizing?

Addon extensions may require some customization if you want to optimize them to their fullest potential. That's why we sell them as addons because we don't want to complicate your original purchase with too many complicated options.

If you need some help with extension addon customization, please contact support and we can quote you a price that would allow us to work with your environment and help you with customization.