If you have not already contacted support or support has not contacted you, then please contact us and provide us with :

  • Magento login - Please provide the URL, username, and login URL of your Magento installation. The user account needs full administrative access in order to complete installation.
  • SSH login - Please provide the SSH account information for your server. This will be used when uploading and in order to create cronjobs as needed.
  • Control panel login - Please provide any control panel (cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc) logins used for your server. If you do not use a control panel you may skip this.
  • Special instructions - Include any special circumstances or information we may need to know about your server prior to installation.

Things To Do To Ensure a Quick Installation

  • Whitelist our IP address - Some hosts restrict access to servers by IP address. If this applies to your host, then you should whitelist our IP address:

Installation Questions

  • When will the install take place? - Installation should be completed within 2 business days after receiving the requested information (usually much faster).
  • How much downtime should I expect? - In almost all cases there is no downtime. If there is downtime it will be less than a few minutes.
  • Should I do a backup before installation begins? - Yes, Extendware takes no responsibility for your store or data, so you should take a full backup before sending us any credentials.

If you have not ordered installation, but would like to have us install your extenion(s) for you, you can click Order installation for the appropriate page. 

Please note that Installation Services are not refundable and not eligible for the No Hassle Money Back Guarantee.