If for any reason any installation has caused the entire Magento site to crash, causing your website to not load, the first thing you need to do is to check for a maintenance.flag file in your Magento root directory. This file gets created if a critical error has occurred with Magento. Just delete this file to restore website functionality. 

Extendware extensions are extremely easy to enable / disable to figure out if our extensions are causing an issue with your store

To determine if an Extendware extension is contributing to an issue with your store, simply disable the extension and run the same test. Then re-enable the extension and run the test again test.

Need help? See "How do I enable and disable an Extendware extension?"

If the issue only occurs when our extensions are enabled, then please write us here at support and report the issue so we can work with you to resolve the problem.

To easily disable an Extenware extension (other than core which essentially never causes an issue) go to Extendware -> Manage Extensions -> Overview, click on the extension name, and set its Status to Disabled.


By disabling the extension from the Magento Backend, only the extension output will be disabled. The extension itself stays activated.
To completely disable the extension follow the next steps.

In addition, you can disable extensions completely by either renaming their xml file in app/etc/modules to have a non-xml suffix and then flush the Magento cache or to edit the xml File and set the exchange the following parameter from:

Extension.xml - activated



Extension.xml - deactivated


Please flush the Magento caches afterwards.